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We are Wild Skillet, a collaborative effort to create more healthy, affordable, and accessible food options. Our goal is to open an innovative “quick-serve” food franchise that helps people with demanding lives eat healthy, rustic, california style super foods. We want to disrupt the 254 billion dollar market by offering healthy, quick alternatives next to every outdated fast food drive-thru model.

Our innovative eatery will offer customizable, affordable, high quality, nutrient packed meals in an exceedingly friendly manner. We want your eating experience to provide a feeling of personalization that mimics a chef and a nutritionist without having to leave your car. By leveraging technology, we plan to provide an end-to-end system that provides enhanced ordering, payment, and quicker execution.

Our team is passionate about exquisite tasting food that truly makes every cell in our body feel more vibrant and alive.

Cindy Ressi, Founder

A true New Yorker who has always been passionate about California lifestyle and cuisine.  She completed her Masters in Environmental Education and worked in the non-profit sector  for many years as well as on a few documentary projects, eventually becoming an Associate Producer for A&E. After moving to Silicon Valley in 2007, Cindy became a founding team member of the Founder Institute, whose company mission is to “Globalize Silicon Valley” and build sustainable startup ecosystems that will create one million new jobs worldwide. During the last 5 years, the Founder Institute team has helped launch over 1000 companies in 78 cities worldwide, and continues to fuel the dreams of entrepreneurs all over the world.  She is now using this knowledge to revolutionize the fast food industry with the lofty goal of providing a healthy “to go” option next to every fast food chain in the US.

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Yeun Byun

Raised in the Silicon Valley, Yeun Byun has lived and worked in New York doing art direction, graphics, set design, and prop styling for films, commercials, and print advertisements after attending New York University. She is thrilled to be a part of the Wild Skillet team promoting healthy and deliciously beautiful ways to experience the joy of food. She aspires to have her own farm growing herbs and flowers. Some of her hobbies are making aroma-therapeutic soaps and enjoying nature’s beauty through photography.

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Natalie Beck, RDN

Natalie is a registered dietitian and personal chef in the Bay Area. As a former professional dancer, Natalie’s interest in healthy eating started at a young age. She is always looking for ways to create memorable meals and conversation with a focus on healthy and delicious food. Natalie is passionate about colorful vegetables, farms, watercolors, and sitting down to eat with friends. She is the founder of Full Belly Nutrition in Menlo Park.

Jamis MacNiven – Restauranteur

When artist and builder, Jamis MacNiven opened Buck’s, his pancake-plus restaurant in Woodside, little did he know that he would become one of Silicon Valley’s most iconic figures, calling heads of state, tech titans, celebrities and customers his friends. With much success with Buck’s, Jamis has opened over 20 restaurants and has become a well known Bay Area restaurateur.


Dr. Linda Shieu, M.D.

Linda is a primary care doctor who believes that the best medicine is prevention, based upon healthy food and a healthy lifestyle. She is also a food writer and culinary instructor. Her recipes and writing have appeared in national and international publications and websites including The Washington Post, The San Francisco Chronicle, Remedy Quarterly, Salon, BlogHer, and online editions of The New York Times and Smithsonian Magazine. Her goal is to create a teaching kitchen at her medical practice to allow physicians, nutritionists, staff and patients to learn about healthy cooking as a building block of health. Visit her blog at www.spiceboxtravels.com

 Susie Larson
Dr. Susie Larson M.D. – Advisor

During her medical career, Dr. Susie Larson has diagnosed and treated patients with illnesses ranging from cancer and dementia, to diabetic complications and advanced cardiac disease. Her experience has given us insight into what traditional medical intervention can and cannot accomplish. Today, she combines her experience of traditional Western medicine with knowledge of Functional and Lifestyle Medicine to help patients better understand their health issues and to discover what they can do to affect their quality of life.


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Barbara Boissevain

Barbara is a photographer and visual artist based in the San Francisco Bay Area who uses her art to explore and document various environmental and social justice issues. Her prior work includes “Didimotiko” a project on Greek Muslim Gypsy women, and “Children of the Rainbow” a book and traveling exhibition that documents humanitarian problems facing the Quechua communities in Peru. In her most recent project titled “My Backyard,” she highlights issues of environmental toxicity relevant to the inhabitants of the Silicon Valley. In 2009, she received the “Best of ASMP Award” from the American Society of Media Photographers for her documentary work highlighting humanitarian issues in Peru. Her work has been exhibited in many venues across the United States and Europe including: Root Division Gallery, San Francisco, CA; the Euphrat Museum, Cupertino, CA; the Institute of Contemporary Art, San Jose, CA in 2013; the Phoenix Gallery, New York, NY; and the Mentenkov Museum in Russia.

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