Our Story

Our goal is to open a chain of “quick serve” restaurants to help people with demanding lives eat healthy, rustic, California-style super foods. Let’s disrupt the $190 billion fast food market that continues to serve us low quality and unhealthy meals. Imagine a healthy alternative staffed by happy people next to every outdated fast food drive-thru. Our first location is coming to Silicon Valley.  Imagine… this modern and eco-friendly structure near you.

We’re bringing farm fresh ingredients to the world of fast-food. We’re pushing the boundaries of our food systems by giving people the option to eat healthy, clean food in asimple and rewarding way. Forget the five day old salad! Our food tastes amazing. We use farm fresh meats and vegetables, seasoning them perfectly to bring out a range of international flavors that we’re sure will appeal to the masses.

Sneak Preview: Our menu is carefully crafted by a team of foodies, master chefs, nutritionists, dietians and doctors. We welcome all hungry eaters: vegan, paleo, dairy, and gluten-free.

When you arrive at Wild Skillet, you start your order by selecting a Bowl or Bento Box. Then, you select your base of salad, wild rice or super grains. Choose your protein of organic chicken, lentils, or turkey meatballs, followed by several sides, including sweet potatoes, cauliflower mash, oven-roasted beets, fennel, or sautéed super greens. All of this will be topped with an international array of carefully crafted sauces or vinaigrettes.

For those in a hurry, you can also order one of our designer meals:

Super Hero Bento:  Super grain blend topped with roasted chicken breast, a side of sautéed greens and a hearty slaw topped with a tahini lemon sauce and toasted walnuts.

Macro Bowl:  Super grain blend with lentils, a side of smashed sweet potatoes and roasted beets with a horseradish dill drizzle and topped with sprouted pumpkin seeds.

Super Green Bento:  Signature salad blend, roasted chicken, sweet potato, sautéed super greens topped with a ginger turmeric sauce, toasted walnuts and crispy shallots.

We believe in simple and solution forward design concepts. Our designs will feature clean lines with minimal advertising, showcasing the vibrance and the authenticity of the food itself.

We want to create vibrant moments, from the moment you pull into a picturesque garden parking spot to the ease of ordering a healthy meal in a relaxing setting or drive thru. We’ve partnered with Y + N Projects based in New York City to bring you this beautiful design.

Our first location will include an interior greenhouse designed by Edible Urban Farm. Our exterior will include a green roof and rotating community spaces celebrating local art.

By using eco-friendly materials such as lights, appliances, and low VOC pain, and reclaimed natural materials we’re creating a model that is easily replicable and adaptable.

Our team of doctors and dietitians are fully equipped and ready to do all the leg work and research on the most up-to-date information regarding your health. You can be sure our delicious meals will be loaded with vitamins, omegas, antioxidants, probiotics and trace elements, to create the perfectly balanced meal.

All of our ingredients will be locally grown and non-GMO. The food and sauces are made from scratch from sustainable sources. Your Wild Skillet plate will be overflowing with an array of delicious, hearty and local ingredients.

Fast food has been stuck in the past, and we are bringing it into the future. The food starts with cutting-edge nutritional science, focusing on farm fresh quality versus mass market quantity. The restaurants will incorporate leading architectural ideas, from recycled materials to green spaces. The systems will be mobile-ready, allowing customer to order ahead and customize their meals easily based on dietary preferences. Technology is the backbone to our expansion and success.

We aspire to grow wellness and nutrition awareness in the communities where we operate. Culture in the kitchen is a vital component to our role in the community, so we will provide real wages and on-the-job training to our tribe members in the restaurants themselves. We plan to encourage families to eat together in our clean and beautiful facilities. The restaurants will include a rotating outdoor community art space, allowing local artists to engage with the customers.

Help us turn this vision for healthy fast food into a reality. We are looking for passionate foodies and entrepreneurs worldwide to help us expand the model into dozens of cities around the United States and more cities around the world.

If you love the vision, contact me at cindy (at) thewildskillet.com We want to serve healthy meals from a beautiful location with no compromises!

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