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The Half Shell

Everyone has heard the old adage “the world is your oyster” by Sir William Shakespeare. But, the real question is…why haven’t you made the oyster your world. This handheld, portable food has captivated foodies for centuries with its elegant appearance, unique taste, and mysterious aphrodisiac properties. Most people fall into the category of lovers or “shruggers” of raw oysters. It took me at least a dozen oyster tries over the course of 15 years to finally fall in love with these gorgeous salty treats. As with all infatuations, I have become obsessed with the history, healthy benefits and yummy recipes. In 1870’s, most San Francisco residents ate oysters daily from successful gold miners to the local street vendors straight out of the bay. Today, 98% of the oysters we eat are farmed/sustainable and delicious. They provide a source of protein and minerals, low in cholesterol and carbohydrates. Basically, every foodie dieter’s dream. They are high in omega-3 fatty acids, great for your skin, heart and helps lower cholesterol. These important fatty acids also improve brain function which helps release happy brain boosting chemicals. If that wasn’t enough, these tiny creatures also have anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants that boost your immune system. It’s difficult to find a more nutrient dense food. They are most delicious in the cold, winter months, but are edible year round.

How are you going to eat them? It can be as simple as shuck the oyster, squeeze a little lemon and add a dash of fresh horseradish. Does this sound intimidating?  It’s easier then you think, watch Cindy Ressi (a complete newbie open an oyster):

Joshua from H&H Fresh Fish

Creative Inspiration:

Mignonette Sauce
mignonette sauce oysters

Oyster trio:
Rockefeller, Spicy Harissa and Citrus Butter

Low Fat, Low Salt Tartar Sauce

Happy Shucking!

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