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Monday Night Dinner

Palo Alto’s best kept secret is nestled in one of it’s sweetest neighborhoods. Every Monday night, approximately 75 people come together for one of the most delicious and healthy meals on the Peninsula. It started 30 years ago with a group of committed individuals who wanted to form a community around macrobiotics and cooking for a healthy body and planet.
 Every Monday night you are served a healthy 5 star meal prepared by rotating chefs (Gary Alinder and James Holloway). The gourmet vegetarian meals are created with seasonal ingredients and truly inspirational flavor profiles inspired by simple Japanese foods. A traditional meal consists of tea, soup, grain, beans/tofu, veggies and a dessert (see menu and details www.peninsulamacro.org). People come for the food but stay for the community. Seating is communal, with an emphasis of making newcomers feel welcomed. It brings together people from every generation, ages range from 0-100.

However, the true magic happens in the kitchen. This crew of committed volunteers and team members are guided by their fearless chef who goes to the market every Monday morning to choose the freshest ingredients for their ever evolving / rotating menu. The Wild Skillet team was fortunate enough to spend a lovely afternoon video taping the magic behind the scenes. It’s clear to me that food cooked with love always tastes better!

Check out the video to learn more about macrobiotics and the magic behind the scenes of Monday night dinners. I hope to see you at the next one!

For more information:
First Baptist Church
305 North California Ave
Reservation required (take-out meals are available)

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