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Hangover Begone!

Your inbox is overflowing with holiday party invitations and caroling soirees. Yet, with each fete, the chances of getting a hangover increases. It’s the perfect storm of too many parties, family gatherings, and flutes of champagne on pretty silver platters floating around you.

Now, how do you survive the holiday season hangover free?

First, start the day with lots of healthy food, water, your vitamins (especially Vit B) and perhaps even a run or yoga class before the shindig starts. As a bonus, these steps make your skin glow as well as prepping your body for a night of festivities that won’t have you reaching for a painkiller the morning after.

Full-proof ways to avoid a hang over

1. Start the party with a glass a water, then alternate between glasses of water and alcohol. Your host/ waiters/ friends probably likes to see a full glass in everyone’s hand, it means that guests are taken care of and the party is a success. It’s psychological, but even a glass filled with water will put everyone at ease. Besides, let’s face it, you could always be more hydrated.

2. Eat something healthy before the party even if the invite says dinner will be served. Keep in mind that trays of drinks could be passed around for at least an hour before food is served. Who has not made this mistake before? Am I right?

3. Remember the Do’s and Don’ts from college: don’t mix different types of booze, clear alcohol is less likely to give you hangover then bourbon, and sugary drinks are just wrong. Lastly, stay away from Champagne. There – I said it – even if it makes me unpopular. Those fairy bubbles look innocent enough but they will ruin your week especially if it’s the cheap stuff loaded with sugar.

4. Snack on saver food throughout the night, it will slow the absorption of alcohol – skip dessert to skip the headaches and your waist line will thank you in the morning.

5. Don’t succumb to peer pressure. Even the most conservative partner in the firm will want to let loose around the holidays, ring in the new year, and so forth. These people are also notorious for luring you down the rabbit hole with them. Don’t be fooled by the innocence of the tea party or the cute white rabbit dressed in a vest and top hat. Have a plan before the party; for example: “I will leave by 1:00am and will only have 2 glasses of red wine because I am ___XYZ____ (i.e.  fighting a cold, training for a marathon, busy saving the world).

If for some reason you were tempted or pushed down that rabbit hole and you feel like a bar mop the next morning, take heed. The best medicine is rest, water and healthy food. Ideally, a cup of chicken soup and a green smoothie. You may be tempted to do “hair of the dog” or a greasy McMuffin but these recipes below will serve you better.

Green Smoothies Detox Green Smoothie

Vegan Hangover SoupVegan-Hangover-Soup

Morning-After Eggs

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